How Technology Is Changing How We Meet Delhi Escorts


Raghav Singh(name changed), usually work from place to place, as his work is mostly traveling where he interacts with his clients from different backgrounds. Sometimes people fly to meet him up. Being in his high-class job and work stress, he sometimes feels alone and loves to have a company of a female. Once he came to know about the New Delhi Escorts services. It is common that people find some curiosity in trying out new things which maintain secrecy. He tried to call, but due to his profile, he could not, he ended this confusion by leaving a text. The heart beats increased gradually, after a while a message pop up on the whatsapp saying ‘Hi.’ The chat started with the place and price of the cost, but he was not sure in the first conversation. He asked for photos and a little time to decide.

The utility of modern technology: 

He went back to his work; after a while, he received a few photos on his WhatsApp. As he opened the chatbox, there were images of attractive models with their vitals and price written below. This made him think about it once again.  Look how technology is changing, how things made faster, and with complete privacy. The images ended with a website link, as he clicked on it, he was diverted to the world of escorts’ services providers. It can be said as a gate that can take the men to heaven on earth. After completing his work, he booked a taxi to his hotel. On his way, he got back to the sit and go through the site again. He read the terms and conditions of how they work with sex workers. The details of the services were provided, which also mentioned on the page. He scrolled down and saw the comments which were written up by the recent customers. Yeah! Those names were changed, but their words made him feel tension free. He reached his hotel and paid the driver.

The ease of payment: 

After his refreshment, he went through the chat history and chose a photo under which a particular price was mentioned. There was also a payment option like PayTm and COD, which mostly makes clients relax. He left his address with the room number. The technology helped out; the procedure becomes fast and risk-free. And it is cool that WhatsApp is not interlinked with the cyber cell department. So, no need to worry about privacy issues.

In 15mins, one more message popped up from a different number, updating him that the person will reach in 5mins. He made himself ready for the beautiful ride. He ordered some drinks and foodstuff to make the sex worker comfortable. Meanwhile, she arrived at his doorsteps, with her alluring voice, she greeted him and hugged him. There was a small confusion about the sex worker, whether she is the same or someone else, but it was the same girl whom he saw on the WhatsApp seems the photographer might be professional. In this way, Raghav began his memorable ride with the help of technology.

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